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Characteristics to Have in Mind While Shopping for Hockey Sticks

 As a beginner or an experienced hockey player, there are several characteristics that you may be interested in when shopping for hockey sticks. Below is a guideline that you can use when out shopping for one.

During play, a very short hockey stick will make you have the ball very close to you. This will provide your opponent with the opportunity to seize the ball from you. Choose a club with an appropriate length. A length that you are comfortable with during a game. In case you expect an increase in height; it is advisable for you to buy one which is longer rather than one of your size. This will save you from buying one in the near future.

When making a purchase, there are two types of hockey sticks that you will encounter. One that is made of wood, and one made of a combination of materials. For a new player, wooden sticks are highly recommended. It is highly flexed, allowing a new player gain lots of control. It also allows for easy manipulation during a game. When hitting the ball, the vibration felt on your hands is reduced. With time, a player can graduate to the amalgamated clubs.

When it comes to the composite clubs, one should consider the type of ratio used in coming up with the club. Generally when using a club containing high amounts of carbon, stiffness to the shaft is added. This aids in increasing the power of your hit. When your club has more fiber glass, the shafts strength is high and the stick lasts longer under harsh conditions that the club may be exposed to. Kevlav will also help reduce the vibration effect felt by the player after a mighty blow to the ball. The combination made helps determine the performance you get.

If the weight makes you uncomfortable during the game, your moves will be affected, hence the entire game. Choose one that has a weight you can easily handle and manipulate to make the ball follow the part you are interested in. Remember that a light stick makes it possible to easily control the ball as compared to a heavier one. A heavy stick on the other hand gives your hit a lot of power. This allows you make long passes easily. Choose one that compromises on the weights to achieve best results.

When choosing the sticks head, do so carefully. There are three types commonly found. The hook, Marxi and shorti head. Each one is designed to give different results. The shorti head provides a very small hitting spot. This is because of the little surface area provided. The Marxi head on the other hand is the exact opposite if the shorti head and the hook head is a compromise between the two.

The amount of curve found on the clubs playing surface also matters. This is sometimes referred to as the bow or the rake. It helps to increase the quantity of force exerted. It also allows you to have total control over the course that you want the ball to go to and ultimately the distance to be covered by the ball. The rake will also help I dampening the vibration effect left by the ball you just hit.

For someone new to the game, do not rush to make a purchase. Join a club and engage in as many games as you possibly can. As you gain experience, you will begin to know the kind of needs that you have. Use that knowledge to decide on the kind of stick that you are comfortable with. With this in mind, select a hockey stick that is built with your needs in mind.

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